Unveiling Lee and Continuing A Family Tradition

Lee in Jasmine Couture bridal gown from The Bride Room

Lee in Jasmine Couture bridal gown from The White Room. Shoes by Jimmy Choo. Hair & make-up styling by Michelle Brooke.

Summer wedding season is in full swing here in Tune Town, which means I can now share some pre-wedding bridal portraits that have been kept secret until the bride’s big reveal on their wedding day.

With that, I’m thrilled to introduce you to the lovely Lee who married Colin this past weekend at Natchez Hills Winery, tucked serenely in the rolling countryside about an hour south of Nashville.

This portrait session was extra special. Here’s why…

I’ve been an ardent proponent of the bridal portrait as the most important portrait of a woman’s lifetime. In previous posts, I mentioned that “You owe yourself a fabulous bridal portrait at your most glamorous. Your grandkids will fight over who gets the heirloom print.”

While an actual fight isn’t the desired outcome, the value and importance of the portrait is worthy of your grandchildren’s passions, elevating the wall print to family heirloom status.

That part definitely rings true, especially with Lee…because one of the first photos she showed when we met for coffee was her grandmother’s bridal portrait that she treasures in addition to her mother’s. And she wanted one too.

That tradition continues with this third-generation bridal portrait, and I am honored to be a part of that history (more about that later). 8)

Congratulations to Lee & Colin. Cheers to you both as you begin your history together in L.A. Thank you for letting me be a part of your marriage celebration festivities.





About the session
Lee chose a studio session for a sleek, less-is-lots-more approach to focus fully on her Jasmine Couture gown from The White Room, Jimmy Choo shoes, and the bride herself who brings them to life. Hair and make-up styled by Michelle Brooke.

About the Most Important Portrait of Your Life

I believe bridal portraits are the most important portrait of a woman’s lifetime. Watch here to see and hear more about my perspective and why I do what I do. Let’s make yours.

Cheers to you!





Back With Class: Un-Break The Internet

Unbreak The InternetBy now you’ve likely seen Paper magazine’s attempt to break the internet with Kim Kardashian on the cover.

And by now you’ve likely heard as many opinions about the attempt as people from whom you’ve heard it. Actually, that may not be the case. You’ve likely heard one of two thoughts that could be summarized as Fashion Class or Classless Fashion.

As an admirer of both Class and Fashion, I fall into one of those camps. Though not necessarily the camp one might assume a red-blooded American male would fall.

Did the internet break? Eh, maybe. Was it already broken? Mmmore likely.

Can it be un-broken? Yes.

One smart post, one informed comment, one classy photo at a time.

One reminder that there’s a difference between sexy and slutty, between classy and catty, between lady and lacking, between regal and raunchy.

Let’s un-break the internet and bring it back with class, shall we?


When Poetry & Purpose Converge

Written by Gregory Byerline on August 25, 2014 at 12:50 pm
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… … …

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been reading through collections of poetry, with an intensity I haven’t seen since college literature classes required as part of my “get a well-rounded education” degree. Requisites I now find inspiring and valuable again.

And what I’m reading is full of technicolor screenplays rivaling most feature films I’ve seen. They simultaneously paint the picture and leave much up to the imagination.

A couple years ago, a colleague challenged me to identify ideas/things/ideals that mean the most to me (these eventually became my Perspective page).

One of those perspectives applies directly here: I believe…in brilliant song lyrics. Beautiful words matter to me, even when they are written by others.

I have a deep affection for a well-crafted song. Music has always been a rich part of my life, then it has become even more so after 22 years of living in Music City. Songwriters here are deeply inspiring modern-day poets sharing their perspective and stories in carefully selected words like the great poets of ages gone by.

That’s the context for a poem I read last night that immediately resonated with why I do what I do, and that short poem is posted here just for you.

And did you get what
you wanted from this life, even so?
I did.
And what did you want?
To call myself beloved, to feel myself
beloved on the earth.

This is a big part of why I believe bridal portraits are the most important portrait of a woman’s lifetime. My hope for the bride is that she calls (or will call) herself beloved and that she feels beloved on the earth.

Cheers to you.





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