Excitement About Two Book Covers

Written by Gregory Byerline on January 24, 2011 at 9:00 am
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Back in Summer 2006, I received a note from author Leigh McLeroy inquiring about a naturescape image of mine (“Bradford Pear Trees All In A Glow” … read more about this image here) that she saw in my Flickr account, and she expressed interest in licensing the image for her second book called The Beautiful Ache scheduled to publish in 2007. As a rather new author at the time, the publisher granted Leigh “veto power” in the cover selection process but no artistic control over the final cover design. Leigh describes the original cover as “nice” though it never really resonated with the book’s content, but the publisher released the first edition with the “nice” cover.

One year later, that publisher dropped both of Leigh’s books, and she re-published both titles independently. This time, selecting the image she preferred first. Lucky me. I’m truly honored she selected not one but two of my images.

Leigh describes The Beautiful Ache as “a book about the longings in this life that strike our hearts deeply and, if we let them, point us God-ward. Longings for beauty and belonging and adventure; for healing and celebration and worship; the longings to hear God, to worship, and to hope. The contrast in [your Bradford Pear Trees image] between light and dark reminds me of the contrast in this life between hurt and hope, between uncertainty and assurance, between fear and fullness. And it’s a mysterious light: it seems to come from another place…it’s source is not easily explained.”

She continued describing The Sacred Ordinary as a “accidental” collection of 112 essays about how God appears in everyday life. Born from a personal commitment to write 500 words a week about “seeing God in ordinary places, people, things, moments, and words.” She chose the old piano photograph because she was compelled by its beaten down look, with hints that there’s still music inside. “The absence of a bench invites you to step up and place a finger or two on the keys. It invites you in.”

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Leigh during the image selection process, and I encourage you to visit her website at www.leighmcleroy.com and catch her on Facebook to read her insightful and inspring work. Cheers, everybody.

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This just in…

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From a bride-now-friend…

“I was just in a wedding this weekend, and I HAVE to tell you that being a witness to someone else’s wedding vendor choices made me realize how lucky/blessed we were to have you. The level of artistic class you have is priceless to have in a wedding photographer. My friend’s photographer was very nice…but he kept taking really weird, awkward or cheesy pictures. My face wasn’t in half of them because it was being blocked, and I have a feeling my friend isn’t going to be as nuts about her photos as I [am].  Makes me sad…And you and Meghann are so gosh darn enjoyable to be around, it makes it all the better. Anyway, I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, you (and Meghann) simply rock.”

Another mission accomplished. Big thanks are due to my friend and second-shooter Kate for her great role on the photo team as well. Always a thrill to know our brides are happy with their wedding photography experience and final images. Cheers.  ~gregory

“I see a picture of myself that I like.” — Nashville Bridal Portraits

(Eavesdropping on a client’s email message): “It was a tough decision, but I think my favorite image is #21. I love so many of them! It was between that one and #20…and #8…and a few more. I’m so happy with all of them. It’s not everyday I see a picture of myself that I like, so thank you!”

Mission accomplished.

Hair & make-up by Amy Lynn Larwig, and that fabulous gown from The White Room. Cheers. ~gregory

Fun little kickstart

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Enthusiastic client testimonials are a great way to start the day. Here’s how today began:

“Wow… Gregory. I sooo love them! These are so incredibly beautiful and so wonderfully captured.”

Thanks for letting me do what I do. ~gregory

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