Three Questions with Modern Trousseau Nashville

He popped the question on one knee, and you gleefully squeeled “YES!” and hugged the tightest you’ve ever hugged, twirling around and kissing while basking in the new excitement. You call everyone important to you to share the big news then set your sights on picking the perfect dress for your wedding day.

I’ve mentioned several times before that bridal portraits top my list of favorite shoots. I believe a finely crafted bridal portrait is like a Renaissance painting, meant to portray women at a pinnacle of their style and elegance. Until this time in your life, there has not been…nor will there ever be…a more important dress. And that’s where a fantastic dress boutique comes in.

I recently asked Mary Claire Weaver of Modern Trousseau Nashville three questions, and I’m excited to share that brief conversation here.

gb: Why do you do what you do?

mcw: My job is very rewarding for me in several ways, but most of all I just love bringing happiness to my brides. The dress is one of the most highly anticipated, not to mention most dreamed about details of a wedding. I have the privilege of witnessing the joy and excitement that a bride experiences when she has found the dress that makes her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. For me that experience is very gratifying.

How did you discover your talent?

I have a background in design and particularly enjoy the creation of a beautiful product. As I learned more and more about the different wedding dress designers out there it became obvious that Modern Trousseau was a perfect fit for me. By allowing endless customizable options, I am able to work with a bride to essentially create a gown that is all her own. In the end, it is a very exciting and creative experience for me, and the ladies I have the pleasure of working with never cease to be amazed at how gorgeous the end result is.

What one wish do you have for your clients?

My one wish would be that my brides leave here not only with the gown of their dreams, but with happy memories from the time that they spent with some of the most important people in their lives, choosing the most important dress they will ever [wear]. I wish for my brides to not only reflect back on the time they spent at Modern Trousseau with fondness, but to also look back at their wedding photos 20 years from now and fall in love with their gown all over again. When you become a Modern Trousseau bride you can expect to be treated like a member of our family. We want nothing more than for each woman who walks through our doors to receive a very personal and enjoyable experience in addition to a meticulously crafted, custom couture wedding gown.

Learn more about Modern Trousseau here and take a look at Wallis, my favorite Modern Trousseau design and how it stopped me in my tracks.

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You’ve said “YES!” to your fiancée; now it’s time to say “YES!” to your Modern Trousseau dress. Until next time…. cheers.





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